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Don’t complain about your job until you read about the most dangerous jobs.  Some of the positions that made the top most dangerous list are right in our own city streets. This may give you a little perspective in thinking, maybe the coffee isn’t the greatest and you don’t like your boss, but at least the threat of death or injury isn’t hanging over your head on a daily basis. Each year, new professions make the list while others fall further down the list because of changes in safety and industry standards, but these are typically the most dangerous jobs in America.

  1. Logger
  2. Pilot
  3. Fisher
  4. Iron/Steel Worker
  5. Garbage Collector
  6. Farmer/Rancher
  7. Roofer
  8. Electrical Power Installer/Repairer
  9. Sales, Delivery, and Other Truck Driver
  10. Taxi Driver/Chauffeur

Should you get injured on the job, Tijernia Law Firm, fights for their clients to receive the maximum possible benefits so that you have the ability to continue with the lifestyle that you are accustom.

As in any legal matter you do not automatically receive money damages as a matter of right. What you do have is the right to make a claim and a chance to prove that the incident was solely caused by others. In addition you have the chance to prove your injuries and damages.

We make every effort to settle your claim without the necessity of litigation; however, some cases ultimately must be litigated. If injured on the job, workman’s compensation has rules and regulations in place to protect each and every employee.  If injured outside of the work environment, we work to notify the person or entity at fault and their insurance company. Then there will be a period of time in which further investigation will be made by both sides. During this time, we may ask for periodic medical reports so that we can follow the progress of your physical health. Also, during this period, you may be asked to give your statement, to us or an adjuster, concerning the facts surrounding your case. We will explain this to you in greater detail when this is scheduled and of course, we will be with you when you give your statement.





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