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Avoiding Pedestrian Accidents – Safety Tips

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About 70,000 people are injured every year in the United States in Pedestrian Accidents, and another 4500 are killed. Seems high, and the numbers may keep climbing.  Why? Cell phone use and texting.

Law firms regularly see accident victims who were injured while walking, jogging, and crossing the street. In today’s society and with the distractions of phones, iPods and other gadgets, drivers and pedestrians are more distracted than ever. We’ve put together a list of tips and guidelines to follow to help keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Share this article – it just might save someone’s life.

Rules to Walk By (some may seem obvious, but yet most people don’t follow them or have stopped following them as a result of technology advances):

-Day or night, no matter – always wear brightly colored clothing. The easier it is for drivers to see you, the less chance of them not noticing you and potentially hitting you. Get yourself one of those blinking/flashing pins or even two – one for back, one for front. Seems silly but it ensures that everyone sees you beside the road. Remember that white, grey, beige and black can be nearly invisible in certain conditions such as bright sunlight, rain or fog.

-Another great idea is to wear or carry a whistle. You can blast loudly if a car or other vehicle is approaching and doesn’t see you. And it helps to have a whistle for safety reasons, should you fall and be hurt or someone tries to attack you while you are jogging or walking.

-Don’t listen to music when you’re walking or jogging – don’t have anything in your ears. Think about the sound a car makes as it is driving along a road. It’s not loud, and can be nearly silent. You have to be able to hear an approaching car driving behind you, or a car horn. Music can drown out or muffle these important sounds. If you must listen to music keep it at the lowest volume level.

-Always be highly aware of your surroundings. You shouldn’t walk right next to a busy street or train track. If you can’t be several feet from the edge, don’t walk there. Even just talking on a cell phone can distract you so that you will not notice or hear approaching vehicles. Bikes, scooters, motorcycles, and even cars can be difficult to hear sometimes.

-You should always look ahead when you are walking – don’t be looking at your cell phone screen. Texting is a no-no when walking. You could not only be hit by a vehicle, you won’t notice cracks, obstacles, or uneven pavement.

-Always carry some type of identification on you, so that if you are injured in a pedestrian accident, rescue personnel know who you are and can contact your loved ones.

-Don’t be a jaywalker! Always use appropriate crossing intersections – this is for your own safety and also to ensure you’re not as likely to be blamed as having contributed to the crash. Saving a few seconds isn’t worth being injured or even losing your life. Don’t dash across the street to beat an oncoming vehicle. Allow plenty of time to cross a street. If you dash out and have to run to beat an oncoming car, you could stumble and be run over. This happens every day to someone, but we think it will never happen to us.

Anyone is potentially a victim of a pedestrian accident – but remembering and following these tips will greatly reduce your chances of injury.


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